Service Bond Agreement In Railways Pdf

Sub: Transfer of applications from railway employees for positions outside the railways – recovery of training costs and enforcement of the deposit. 1. The reference exception provided for in Article 1(2) of letter E (NG) 57 RC1/56 of the Railway Council of 21.01.1961, according to which, under the conditions laid down therein, railway officials should be required to reimburse training costs in the event of departure from the railway after selection. A similar provision is also provided in the contract form/compensation guarantee, which is performed by trainees/trainees upon entry into the railway services. 2. Subsequently, in Letter No E (NG) II-77-AP-6 of the Board of Directors of 09.02.1979 decided that unregistered workers who have not received training in railway costs in a particular vocation, but have received only an “introductory course” to make them fit for the work needs of the railways, may be exempted from reimbursement of training costs if they are elected to other positions under the central government / Land government or in public sector enterprises. 3. The Ministry of Railways has decided that, in the case of non-gassed workers who have received “induction training” and who leave the railway service with the appropriate prior authorization of the competent authority, to take up employment under the central government, a Land government, a public enterprise wholly or partly owned by the central government, a Land government or a Land government, being wholly or substantially owned/funded/controlled by the central government or a Land government, of these workers should make a new commitment to ensure that they serve the new employer for the balances of the initial commitment period. 4. .

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