Tes Collective Agreement Finland

Vacancy notices and employment contracts may be: “palkkaus TES: in mukainen” (“Remuneration according to the collective agreement”). It makes sense to determine the amount of compensation in your own field in Finland. It is important to know the collective agreement, because in Finland, for example, there is no minimum wage law; Instead, minimum wages are always set by collective agreement. In most sectors, wages are paid during sick leave on the basis of the existing collective agreement, not the law. The sickness provisions in collective agreements may, in some respects, deviate from statutory minimums. As a general rule, the time frame in collective agreements is longer than the legal time frame. Check your applicable collective agreement that takes into account your living conditions. Collective agreements are one of the most important benefits of unions. Collective agreements have improved many legal conditions that affect the status of workers. Many business school graduates also work in areas where no YTN-negotiated collective agreement is currently in effect.

These sectors are: the public sector is governed by specific public sector collective agreements. The contractual partners are JUKO, the Association of Public Sector Executives and Local Employers (KT), the Government Office as An Employer (VTML) and the Church Labour Market Organization (KIT). Juko negotiates collective agreements for graduates of the public sector business school. For example, the following working conditions are based on collective agreements: benefits agreed in a collective agreement are always minimum benefits. They can`t be less in the employment contract. For example, compensation should not be less than that agreed in the collective agreement. However, employers and workers can agree on better terms in the employment contract than those provided for by the collective agreement. Pro`s collective agreement guarantees a level playing field of contractual relationship and fair compensation.