Residential Lease Agreement Maine

Maine has a number of complex laws on tenants and landlords and what is required of each party. Talk to an experienced tenant lawyer in Maine if you have any questions about your Maine residential rental agreement. Commercial Lease – Is provided by the Maine Association of Realtors for each net rental for a business-related property. Return of Bonds (No. 6033): It is very important that Maine homeowners clearly understand their obligation to return the bonds at the end of the lease. If the lessor does not return all (or part) of the deposit that is properly allocated to the tenant within the allotted time (30 days), the tenant has the right to issue the lessor a period of seven (7) days (minimum) in which he takes legal action with respect to the absence of a surety. The owner has time until the trial to return the bail. If the deposit is not refunded and the lessor is guilty, they will have to pay double the deposit originally due, as in . . Maine residential tenancy contracts exist in two different types when they are to be used for the rental of premises as apartments.

If written, it is a private leasing contract in Maine. The other type concerns oral agreements, also known as leases or leases. Although landlords in Maine generally have the same responsibilities towards their tenants, regardless of the type of rental agreement, there are some differences regarding termination notifications, restitution of your deposit and other issues. Tenants may also terminate a 7-day period if the landlord violates a substantial breach of the tenancy agreement, making the unit or apartment unfit for human habitation. The following section may be included in the rental agreement to address the disclosure of the smoking guidelines: If you have a rental contract, a 30-day period is to end, but it is 7 days if you have a particular reason that constitutes a substantial violation of your agreement. It must also include the mandatory language mentioned above. Maine`s rental application helps the property owner verify all tenants applying for activity or housing. The form allows the landlord to view the applicant`s financial registration information, as well as all references to their previous rental experience and to current/past employers. Depending on the rigour of the lessor in the examination of its applicants, they can opt for substantive examinations that can last up to three (3) days and usually cost a fee (owners/managers…

In Maine, the lessor must provide an energy efficiency declaration for each lease agreement in which the tenant bears the incidental costs (either directly or through the lessor) and announce either the energy supplier`s information or the 12-month energy consumption history. They must not evict a tenant who is the victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or harassment. A tenant must provide a written verification of a home assault or a copy of a protective order. In the case of a tenancy agreement of less than one year, the tenant can terminate you 7 days in advance to terminate the lease. For leases of one year or more, the tenant must set a 30-day period. You can dislodge the perpetrator of domestic violence, who is a tenant, even if that tenant shares the unit with the victim as long as the victim is not evicted. Radon (No. 6030 (D)) – Tenants should be flagged and listed the latest property test results. From 2012, all residential properties will have to be tested every ten (10) years.