Articulation Agreement Schoolcraft

Schoolcraft College and Wayne State have a strong partnership, including our presence at the Schoolcraft Center, and work closely together to ensure student success. Students can transfer up to 64 Schoolcraft credits to their WSU diploma (more if you follow certain articulation agreements). Articulation agreements are formal and written documents agreed upon by two or more institutions. Compared to traditional transfer program managers, articulation agreements may include: a value-added component that allows for additional transfer credits; Improving the number of quality learning options and unique student options (e.g.B. waive certain requirements, additional student assistance services, etc.). Information on the following agreements can be found at the higher education institutions listed below, the admissions office of the WMU (national) or the Haenicke Institute (international). Students who started college before the fall of 2014 can complete the existing MACRAO agreement at participating colleges until the end of the summer of 2019. Regardless of the weather, Western Michigan University will continue to abide by the MACRAO agreement if a student`s transcript shows that the MACRAO agreement was complied with in advance. Institutions participating in the MACRAO agreement are: Alpena Community College, Bay noc Community College, Delta College, Glen Oaks Community College, Gogebic Community College, Grand Rapids Community College, Henry Ford College, Jackson College, Kellogg Community College, Kirtland Community College, Lake Michigan College, Lansing Community College, Macomb Community College, Mid Michigan College, Monroe County Community College, Montmcal Community College, Mottland Community College, , North Central Michigan College, Northwestern Michigan College, Oakland Community College, St Clair County Community College, Schoolcraft College, Southwestern Michigan College, Washtenaw Community College, Wayne County Community College and West Shore Community College. Western Michigan University works with the following institutions to provide articulation information as transfer guides and articulation agreements. Madonna University is proud to meet with the following universities to increase student mobility through articulation agreements.

Articulation agreements are reviewed every two to three years and can often be reviewed when updating programs and courses. We look forward to assisting you throughout the admission and registration process. You show how your training at Schoolcraft is the basis of a bachelor`s degree. Schoolcraft College has signed more than 40 articulation agreements (special transfer agreements) that allow students to find a clearer path to a bachelor`s degree at a four-year university or university. These agreements allow for greater acceptance of programs and courses and help students maximize their time at Schoolcraft before the transfer. Depending on the degree and institution, articulation agreements can be “2-2” or “3-l.” In other words, two years of primary classes in community school, then two full-time years in school four years or three years in community school and one year in the four-year school. But you can complete these plans at a pace that works best for you! Schoolcraft College has signed nearly 40 agreements that allow for greater acceptance of programs and licensing courses. These special transfer agreements serve as a bridge between Schoolcraft and the university and provide SC students with additional opportunities, such as three years at school and one year at university or university. Links to the college website or a PDF of the agreement are available below: Between a community school and UM-Dearborn, an articulation agreement is signed to offer a detailed course guaranteed to obtain a degree for a particular academic program. Students who began their studies in the fall of 2014 or later can complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).