Aca Project Partnering Agreement

It guides contract project management processes on team methods and behaviours. The multi-party contract replaces the many bilateral contracts that the client would normally sign and avoids the separate partnership agreement, which is sometimes screwed on traditional forms. PPC2000 allows for better entries from designers, consultants and specialists… involving them as “registered” team members early enough in the pre-construction phase to add real value to the project. PPC 2000 “Project Partnership Contract Type” was the first standard form developed by Project Partnering Contract after the Government Construction Task Force` 1998 report, Rethinking Construction, which stated that the sector was below average and proposed that the most radical innovation in PPC 2000 be its multi-party nature, designed to place all major players under a contractual roof at every stage of the acquisition process. Some commentators have considered this to be a failure in itself and have probably led to unnecessary complexity and confusion in identifying and monitoring the reciprocal rights and obligations of the parties. However, it is difficult to understand why the more common diversity of contract documents is easier to create, interpret and manage in each project of significant size or value. In the year following its publication, PPC 2000 was a significant success in terms of the value of the projects on which it was used. It has also attracted important comments in the industry and in legal magazines – cautious encouragement to blatant accusations of confused thinking or “crazy” wording. Most views have bowed to the earlier position and expressed an understandable aversion on the part of construction rights advocates to be perceived in one way or another as against innovation and against the abandonment of the contradictory attitudes that have belies the sector for so many years. However, few claim that the treaty is without difficulty.

Now that the dust has subsided at its first appearance and the industry has had an opportunity to familiarize itself with the PPC 2000 approach, it may be helpful to outline some of the issues that should be considered by any client, contractor or consultant who is seriously considering using this new form. PPC2000 has been used successfully for a large number of projects and programs in the public and private sectors. These are between $250,000 and $700 million. There is a PPC2000 website at for more information on the ACA/ACE suite of partner contracts. To learn more about the range of projects obtained with PPC2000 and TPC2005, you can download the free publication of 28 case studies: 10 years of PPC200 PPC 2000 pilot projects were completed prior to their first implementation for a number of residential, office and school projects, including renovations and new buildings in the public and private sectors.